“Having known and worked with Bob at multiple companies over the course of many years I have seen the results of his combined technology and business skills and abilities. He is driven to overcome obstacles. He is tenacious and persistent in transforming nascent technology ideas into investible business ventures whether it be creating a new product line in an existing business or helping to launch a new startup company. His intelligence in assessing technology, coupled with his disposition to communicate, become valuable assets to whatever he undertakes. Bob partners effectively with others, taking a collaborative approach problem solving. He perceives both technical and commercial opportunities and threats; can assess strengths and weaknesses in both domains. Bob has willingness to explore new ideas and new approaches in the preparation for and eventual launch of new ventures.”

– Curt Rawley, former Chairman & CEO, Sensable


“Bob did an amazing job at Sitara — it was like Mission Impossible. The company was pursuing a business idea that simply wasn’t working, and needed an entirely new direction…ASAP! As a quick study, he able to transform chaos into order and raise $25M in 3 months. Bob relentlessly and systematically developed and implemented a new plan. Failure was not an option. He was able to understand the customers’ underlying problems to develop a “must have” value proposition. Customers loved the new products, which reached $10M in sales in the first year. Sitara filed to go public with a $700M valuation in less than 2 years from the restart.”

– Steve O’Neill, former VP Business Development, Sitara Networks


“We were blessed with a number of opportunities for growing our Internet marketing business. We just didn’t know which ones would ultimately give us the best returns, with the least investment and risk. We were also concerned that we wouldn’t get out of our own way – that the demands of our current operations would inevitably force our new opportunities into the back seat.

Bob brought a unique combination of skills that make him an ideal member of our team as we sorted through this. He led essential aspects of our market research – getting his work done creatively, effectively and expeditiously. He is also a methodical planner, and ensured that our go-to-market plans were solid and thorough. He’s now making sure that our roll-out stays on track, constantly assessing how we can move faster, and rolling up his sleeves as need be to do whatever needs to be done.  Bob’s skills, experience and intuition make him a real five-tool player – invaluable for any technology company with growth on their minds.”

– Paul Baudisch, co-founder & CEO, Keyword Connects


“I have worked with Bob as a mentor as a TechStars 2013 company CEO, and it was immediately clear how Bob is one of those rare individual who combines deep experience in entrepreneurship with natural ability to serve as an inspiring mentor for the whole team. Bob’s industry background was key in allowing Neurala to understand how to bridge the gaps between the customer and our technology with creative, yet practical solutions. Bob worked with our team to help refine our value proposition, target markets, product roadmap, go-to-market strategies, and business model. He was also helpful in defining fundraising strategies and navigating through the various options.”

– Massimillano Versace, CEO Neurala


“Bob has been a business consultant to American Innovative research Corp. (A.I.R. Corp) for 2 years. His execution of business development and strategy has enhanced our business structure tremendously. He has assisted the company in re-directing our marketing strategy and messaging to increase our customer base and sales volume. His creative talent aided in developing a powerful advertising campaign to build awareness for our product. He has a unique ability in understanding sophisticated technology and translating into simplicity to educate an average consumer.

Bob is focused and driven for success. He would be a valuable asset to any organization on multiple levels.”

– Judith Piscione, President/CEO, American Innovative Research Corp.


“Bob and I worked together at Sensable for seven years. Bob is remarkable in his approach of distilling customer interactions when determining certain gaps or workflow deficiencies. The result of this approach is his delivering technically sound product-based offerings. Sensable’s dental CADCAM offering is one of many such successes to his name. Additionally, Bob builds a business case addressing each of the many stakeholders in the money trail from company to lab to physician to patient. Bob is a problem solver at the C- level and will delve deep into the details; enabling his many accomplishments.”

– Bob Kittler, former CFO Sensable Technologies