Steingart and Associates has over 25 years’ experience building technology-based businesses for both start-ups and established companies.

We can help you with strategy and detailed hands-on implementation to:

  • Optimize product market fit, with the right products and services, for the right market
  • Prove technical and business viability before scaling
  • Accelerate time-to-revenue by re-defining the product roadmap
  • Determine strategies for funding and accelerating investment
  • Scale revenues with go-to-market strategies and programs to achieve financial goals
  • Grow revenues and profits with new opportunities in adjacent markets
  • Develop innovative solutions to respond to disruption
  • Knock down silos between development, marketing, sales, and support to improve team effectiveness

Steingart and Associates uniquely has:

  • In-depth combined technical and business experience
  • Initialized over 30 new technology-based businesses
  • Been involved in all aspects of starting a new technology business, including raising over $40M venture investment, and turnarounds
  • Established innovative and practical solutions derived from cross-industry and interdisciplinary insights

Technologies and markets we have worked with include:

  • Integrated B2B end-to-end solutions, including hardware and software
  • 3D Scanning and Imaging,  3D CAD/CAM, 3D Printing and Fabrication
  • Medical Devices and Simulation
  • Digital Dentistry
  • Digital Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • Digital Media and Entertainment
  • Online Marketing
  • Computer Networking
  • User Interfaces
  • Material Science

We welcome the opportunity to assess your specific needs, and mutually determine how we can help build your technology-based business.